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Whether you’re a small business, a realtor, you own a brokerage, or you’re running a non-profit or charity, we’re here to help you build your business.

About Long-Haggerty Robertson LLP

Long-Haggerty Robertson LLP provides professional and tailored services to small and medium-sized businesses in and surrounding the South Okanagan with the added advantage of having local knowledge and respect.

Here at Long-Haggerty Robertson, we love working with small businesses, family businesses, and local Okanagan businesses. We believe in personalized service, timely communication, and upfront information on rates as well as rate guarantees – so that you don’t have to worry about surprise invoices!

Our passion is to support the local economy and to support our community. In 2016 we implemented a very special program we call the Giving Back Program- which means that a minimum of 5% of our profits are donated back into the community. We are proud partners of local food banks, Local Schools, Local Sports Organizations, SOWINS, OSNS, and more.

As a local business, we strongly encourage aligning yourself with a cause or organization that could use your support – let us know when you make a donation and we will match it!

We are here to support you in your growth as an entrepreneur. Connect with us to see the difference today!

Why Hiring A CPA Matters

When It Comes To Your Business

There are lots of ‘accountants’ and tax preparers, but they are not necessarily a CPA.  CPAs go through rigorous education and training (7 years – 3 of which are done working full time and in school full time PLUS continuous annual Professional Development requirements) and are regulated by a governing body.  This allows protection for the client as there is a body that is overseeing what we do and they have very strict compliance regulations.

The truth is that “Anyone can call themselves an accountant but they are not allowed to call themselves a Professional Accountant.” CPA’s adhere to the high standards of the Chartered Professional Accounting Association of BC. CPA’s must have a license to practice public accounting in their province and are monitored regularly by the CPA Association. For more information www.bccpa.ca

We Are Your Small Business Experts

Approachable,  Accountable, Affordable

Approachability – clients come expecting a painful visit like going to a lawyer or dentist, but once they meet me they are so much more comfortable.  I have a lot of comments like “wow – you aren’t like other accountants, you are so easy to talk to and I don’t feel intimidated” – it’s amazing a lot of clients feel their accountants almost look down on them or dress in such a formal way that it makes them seem stiff and unapproachable.  I want my clients to feel at ease and that its important for them to be comfortable talking to me, I WANT to here it all.  Everything they tell me can help me help them more.  The more I know them and/or their business (the good the bad and the ugly) the better equipped I am to work with them in coming up with the best plan moving forward.  I also want clients to know that even with everything moving online, I am available in person.  Some clients really like the personalized IN PERSON relationship, I get that and prefer it myself.

Accountable – meaning they can count on me to get the work done and on time. I do what I can to ensure filings are done on time so they don’t get penalized. I am up-to-date on PD so they know they can count on me to be doing the work to the highest and newest standards. My quotes are guaranteed (actual will be the amount quoted or lower) so the can count on no surprise billings. My work is guaranteed – meaning if the CRA finds an error that I made – I fix it for free.


Affordable – my rates are very competitive. I am able to do so because I don’t have the same overhead structure of some of the larger firms, but I also don’t believe in charging more just because I can. For example, many competitors start NTRs at $2000 and Reviews at $5000. So, I could easily be doing the same, however, I believe in charging based on the work done and fees based on my overhead and not what others are doing.

Small Businesses

We specialize in helping local Okanagan businesses reach their goals through sound accounting practices. Whether your industry is in agriculture, viticulture, real estate, trades, entertainment, professional, or non-profit we can help you get your accounting straight.


If you are a realtor operating in the Okanagan we can help you get your books in order, and keep them there. With so much action taking place in Okanagan real estate you need an accounting firm who understands your needs.

Real Estate Brokerages

Real Estate Brokerages have a unique set of accounting acquirements that the professionals at Long-Haggerty Robertson LLP understand very well. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help your brokerage with our accounting services.


As a Not-for-profit organization you have different reporting requirements than most businesses. With the requirements always changing you need a firm that specializes in the non-profit sector and the unique set of accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations (ASNPO).

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