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Trust Examinations

Real estate trust examinations are annual requirements for Real Estate Brokerages and are combined with either Reviewed Financial Statements for Notice to Reader Financial Statements depending on certain criteria. The exams include the Accountant’s Report, Brokerage Report, Exceptions (if any) and set procedures to examine the books and records for real estate transactions to ensure full compliance of reporting requirements with the Real Estate Council of British Columbia.



Consulting is usually tax planning, consulting on incorporation vs sole proprietorship, consulting on purchase offers/selling of a business, due diligence procedures, valuation calculations, business set up, board of directors set up, internal controls, etc. benefit depends on the topic.

Contract Work


CPA firms often need help due to lack of staffing or staffing at appropriate levels. I help fill in gaps where needed. Similarly, the industry may be temporarily short of a controller or CFO and need temporary help.



Training clients on bookkeeping or bookkeeping programs, training students or a professional group on a specific topic (for example, training students on tax return preparation)

Estate Taxation & Planning

There are three types of deceased returns that might be filed after death. The legal representative (executor) has to file at least one return called the Final Return. However, it is possible to file multiple returns after death that includes Optional Returns and the Trust returns.

You may use the optional returns to declare certain types of income that cannot be claimed on the final return. Also, by claiming certain amounts more than once, splitting them between returns, or claiming them against certain kinds of income, you may be able to reduce or eliminate the deceased’s tax payable as the personal income tax credits may be claimable on each return.

Trust returns are required when assets remain in the estate of a deceased individual and not disbursed immediately upon death.

Protect your assets and your loved ones by planning ahead. We work with individuals and families on estate and succession planning to help ease your mind and tax burden.

Trust Returns

Trust returns are not just for estates of deceased individuals. There are 2 main categories of Trusts:

  • a testamentary trust
  • an inter vivos trust

Each trust has different tax rules.

A testamentary trust is a trust or estate that is generally created on and as result of the death of the person. The terms of the trust are established by the will or by court order in relation to the deceased individual’s estate under provincial or territorial law. If the assets are not distributed to the beneficiaries according to the terms of the will, the testamentary trust may become an inter vivos trust.

An Inter vivo Trust is a trust that is not a testamentary trust – and there are many categories of inter vivos trusts, but a few common ones are Alter ego Trusts, Spousal or Common-Law Partner Trust and Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

For a full list and description of trusts, please visit the CRA: Types of trusts – Canada.ca

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